Japan『Quiet Life』(1979)

01. Quiet Life
02. Fall In Love With Me
03. Despair
04. In Vogue
05. Halloween
06. All Tomorrow's Parties
07. Alien
08. The Other Side Of Life
09. All Tomorrow's Parties (12-inch version)
10. All Tomorrow's Parties (7-inch version)
11. Foreign Place
12. Quiet Life (7-inch version)

Bonus Video on CD-ROM(再発盤収録)
・Quiet Life

作曲 01〜05、07〜12:David Sylvian/06:Lou Reed

Vocals、Occasional guitar:David Sylvian
Bass、Saxophones:Mick Karn
Drums、Percussion:Steve Jansen
Synthesizers、Keyboards:Richard Barbieri
Guitars:Rob Dean